This 12 string guitar instrumental was started BEFORE I left for FT McCoy, Wisconsin for training before my Iowa Army Guard unit that I volunteered to go in harm's way with, left for the Persian Gulf. The night before the ground war started, a Catholic chaplain's assistant brought along an acoustic guitar for the ecumenical service. Some little parts of the introduction flowed out of that borrowed guitar with
little effort. As if they had been waiting for the correct time and place.
It wasn't until the following February of 1992 that the second half of this instrumental showed up on my new 12 string. It was written out of a need for the Gold Star Families to have a musical piece that would help them heal from the loss of a loved one. "Taps" is just too short and doesn't say enough about how long that kind of grieving process can last. This is a song of healing and reverence for the service and sacrifice of our military families.
It was also written for the troops with traumatic wounds to their bodies and souls, to help them and their families in that difficult journey of therapy, healing and renewal.