As I write these words I'm listening to Lem Genovese' new CD - "Six Lazzeri Lane" on Yankee Medic Records, and I'm here to tell you it is a terrific collection of first-rate mellowly rocking music. Genovese is a guitar whiz, and he shows off his talents on the nine tunes that make up this long-awaited CD. All of the tunes -- especially the three instrumentals that he performs on his Taylor maple Kottke Model 12 and 6-string acoustic guitars are snappy, soaring and soulful. All of the tunes on the CD, which was produced, engineered and mastered by Michael von Muchow @ Actual Sound Studios in LaCrosse, WI, are originals. They are the work of a man who has been playing music for more than four decades. Genovese served for 20 years in the US Army and the Iowa National Guard. His service included tours of duty in Vietnam and the first Persian Gulf War as a combat medic. Genovese' military service continues to have an impact on his music. On the new album he dedicates several tunes to today's troops, to Desert Storm vets and Gold Star Families.” - Arts of War - Marc Leepson / May - June issue 2008

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Lem Genovese, our FAVORITE performing songwriter, has just updated his excellent website... it now offers videos and free downloadable music of his excellent acoustic tunes. There are also links to "the story behind the song", a biogaphy, reviews and tour dates.” - Marc Leepson

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If you like your Blues with a variety of influences and not just from the Southern US, you will appreciate this CD. The title track - "SIX LAZZERI LANE" is a marvelous start to this album. Its hard NOT to tap along with it. Lem shows his big heart on "ELEGY FOR THE FALLEN" a 12 string guitar instrumental dedicated to the Gold Star Families who have lost loved ones from our Nation's military service. Swampy Americana with a brain, and heart and damned good Blues guitar.” - LHO63

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EIGHT MILE ISLE" -- "Slick production of a slick song. Good stuff on his own label. I like the cover artwork as well..its evocative with the train and the retro wardrobe, NICE ! ” - Dan Herman - DJ / NYC

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Thank you for the kind note and FANTASTIC CD.” - Alice Hunt - Editorial Assistant


I DID play "Elegy For The Fallen" along with announcing the performance on the program...I expect I will find other songs working at other times on the program and wish you well in your music making.” - Tom Martin-Erickson


Confirmed airplay of title song - Six Lazzeri Lane" on March 4th, 2009 program - "Good Times Blues Radio Hour" on AM 1710 BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA !” - Gustavo Rosenberg

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Lem Genovese from Holmen, Wisconsin, may be a Vietnam War veteran, but he sings of his military experience among other topics with the verve of a younger man. Vocally, he could be mistaken for Madison folkie Kenn Lonnquist, but Genovese' often funky acoustic guitar takes that comparison only so far. Whether he's laying down tasty instrumentals or singing a prayer for post 9/11 troops, or the symbiotic relationship between celebrities and gossip magazines, he finds a nice niche between Gordon Lightfoot's groove and Bruce Cockburn's expansive instrumental explorations. Funny that an artist so resolutely American in his lyrical perspective would appear to be influenced by a couple of Canadians, but Genovese' generosity of spirit and concern for his fellow military families make it work.” - Jamie Lee Rake

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Elegy For the Fallen" selected for new compilation CD to benefit active duty military personnel and their families. CD release is slated for 11 November, 2009. FOUR of Lem's songs appear on the website. He also is listed as a new artist with a biography and recent concert photo.” - Tom Hughes

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I listened to some of your songs on the website. You are a blessing to the military community".” - Joseph "Geno" Genovese ( No relation )

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      It was wonderful seeing you again after 26 years. My, my how we've grown ! We listened to your CD Six Lazzeri Lane on our way back Gillingham. Each one of your songs has a melodic threshold that carries the listener to your inner soul and that my friend and comrade is our mission. The musical depth you inhabit takes courage. Well done GI !” - Jim Walktendonk

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