2nd Manuscript Progress

   There are two large and long sections of the TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour. One concerns timelines for the Civil Rights movement from WW2 > 1960's, the nationwide epidemic of civil disturbances from 1965 > 1970, the saga of Medal of Honor Recipient Dwight Johnson and his tragic death in his hometown of Detroit, the subsequent national effort to get PTS recognized by both the American Psychiatric Association and the Department of Veterans Affairs from 1968 to 1979, the Vet Center Outreach Program and the process of Jan Scruggs and his VN Memorial Commission to get "The Wall" accepted, funded and dedicated from 1979 to 1982.

    After about a year of research, revision and editing, the 212 page first big section for the second edition of the CHRONICLES has been accepted for the printing firm Warrior Publishing Group of Los Angeles on final editing and layout. Copies will also be forwarded to Pulitzer Prize winning author Myra McPherson, Congressman John Lewis among others for their commentary on the relevant chapters they lived through and wrote about

   The second long section will cover fixing how the Pentagon operates. Yes, we know that sounds oxymoronic, but that section will be completely streamlined to make it more user friendly and more recent boondoggles that have be declassified from contractor fraud in Iraq & Afghanistan will be included. The Pentagon section will be quite a bit different in format than the first edition's focus on the F-35. Descriptions of some of the worst Defense Contractor failures and fraud will be more concise. Recommendations for improving the manner with which the "Iron Triangle" of the Potomac > the Pentagon, Congress & Defense Contractors operates will be streamlined and far easier to read, digest and a healthy bibliography will be included as well.

   The Second Edition will also feature brand new articles on Military Sexual Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury. The two signature wounds from our time in Iraq & Afghanistan. The February 2015 issue of National Geographic's cover story on TBI will be included in the commentary.

    Thanks for putting up with all these details.  We want to thank those of you out there who have been so patient about Lem not putting out another CD these past few years. The book takes up quite a bit of his time. We hope that you find the second edition worth the wait, the weight ( 500 pages or more ) and worthy of your personal library. Renowned international journalist, photographer and documentarian Don North will be contributing photographs from his archives during his years covering the Vietnam war. Some of them have never been published before, giving the public a rare opportunity to view them for the very first time.

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