PIRACY ALONG THE POTOMAC:  Plundering The Pentagon

The TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour - 2nd Edition

"FRONT & CENTRE" - New Instrumental Composition 

 "Front & Centre" - 3rd CD Title Track Instrumental Completed


      A brand spanking new guitar instrumental has been completed for the future 3rd CD, called "FRONT & CENTRE".

         While there are some familiar chord progressions and grooves, this latest composition continues to show that maturity and groove ability we have all come to expect from this accomplished guitarista.

Upper Iowa Veterans Conference 

    Upper Iowa University - Fayette Main Campus

     9th Annual Veterans Conference -September 14th, 2018

          Chad Cook, veterans service director at Upper Iowa helped organize and host the 9th annual Iowa collegiate veterans conference at the Memorial Union on the Fayette Campus.  Lem Genovese performed during the lunch intermission and was well received. One student from Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids was seen dancing to "Endangered". Vet service officers from Upper Iowa, Dubuque…

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Evan Williams American Made Heroes 

     Evan Williams Bourbon, which traces its lineage back to 1792 in Louisville, Kentucky and New York City based advertising agency Xenopsi started its inaugural American Made Heroes Program that featured its ten finalists on limited edition red, white and blue bottles in the summer of 2016. Over 2000 applicants submitted for the singular recognition nationwide. Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran Lem Genovese was selected as one of the honored finalists.

2nd Manuscript Progress 

   There are two large and long sections of the TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour. One concerns timelines for the Civil Rights movement from WW2 > 1960's, the nationwide epidemic of civil disturbances from 1965 > 1970, the saga of Medal of Honor Recipient Dwight Johnson and his tragic death in his hometown of Detroit, the subsequent national effort to get PTS recognized by both the American Psychiatric Association and the Department of Veterans Affairs from 1968 to 1979, the Vet Center Outreach…

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ISU Vets Week Banquet 

     Special thanks goes out to Jathan Chicoine and the ISU Vets Center for allowing this music to be performed on the main stage of the Grand Hall of the Iowa State Memorial Union for their 3rd annual Vet Week Banquet.

     We are in the formative stages of a return performance @ ISU in 2015. Stay tuned for updates when they get confirmed.

Working on the 2nd Edition 

  Yes, it's been a year since the last entry in the news/journal section of the website. Still haven't got a decent recording of "Body Count" which deals with the 22.5 suicides by our military personnel & veterans per day. Completed an anniversary song that's taken a year to hone called "One Good Woman" dedicated to the wives and women vets. Cross the Spinners with Hall & Oates.

   The second edition of the TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour is getting the manuscript slowly completed. In case…

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Ritual Cafe Review 

Ritual Cafe - June 7th, 2013  Des Moines, IA  Review:

    "DISTINCTIVE, CREATIVE & UNIQUE - he melds generations and bends time with his lyrics and guitar playing. A MUST SEE for all guitar enthusiasts".




Warrior Publishing Signs On 

Warrior Publishing of Los Angeles, California has agreed to accept a revised manuscript for the memoir -The TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour and publish it when it meets with their final approval. Once that is done, First Aviation Publishing will allow copies to be printed in a larger second edition making Lem Genovese truly a PUBLISHED author from a highly respected firm led by retired Marine Captain VN Veteran Dale Dye and his wife Julia. Thanks in particular to Julia Dye for her support and…

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Book Review in VIETNAM Magazine 

Don North's critique of the memoir - The TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour was featured on pages 63 & 65 in the August issue of VIETNAM magazine. The issue's headline has the 45th Anniversary of the Siege of Khe Sanh as the headline.