Not FAMOUS ENOUGH or DEAD YET pretty well sums up the mortality rate among genuine VN veterans. Between the 1990 and 2000 US Census results, an average of 390 VN vets die every day. Doing the math equates to the startling fact that by 2020, they will become an endangered species. LEM GENOVESE on a logo with the phrase "Support Military Families" is on the front of this limited edition T-shirt.


T-shirts are $15. by USPS and $5.00 shipping and handling for first class delivery from the website. Reasonable requests for autographs are taken with no additional charge.

"SIX LAZZERI LANE" - New Release

Yankee Medic Records proudly announces that personalized and autographed copies of Lem's CD "Six Lazzeri Lane" are available in a clear plastic jewel case by mail order for only $15.00 which includes 1st class postage in a reinforced mailer. Personal checks, money orders and traveler's checks can be sent by mail to: YANKEE MEDIC RECORDS PO BOX # 651 HOLMEN, WI 56436-9146 USA

Righteous Reconnaissance 1978 > 1987 CD

Righteous Reconnaissance 1978 > 1987 is a digitally re-mastered compilation of the entire cassette recorded archives of Lem Genovese early music. It contains over an hour's worth of music including the instrumentals "Listening Post"; "Acoustifunk" &"Attitude Check". Other classics are "Guerrilla My Dreams"; "Psalm For December"; "Limited Incursion"; "Does Yo Mama Know ?"; "Long Year" and "Winter Quarters".



At long last, the 525 page coffee table sized, large print limited to only 100 copies of the 1st edition softbound copies of The TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour are available only through this website and by the author at this book & music events. Access the website @ and read Don North's review on pages 63 & 65 of the August 2013 edition of VIETNAM magazine.

     Warrior Publishing has agreed to accept a completed and revised manuscript for the 2nd edition of the memoir.