Yankee Medic Recording Artist / Veteran Tunesmith

& Author - LEM GENOVESE 

     Authenticity, integrity and longevity are "Old School" values. Yankee Medic Recording Company's slogan is:"Old School Rules with High-Tech Tools". No one personifies this better than nationally recognized veteran tunesmith LEM GENOVESE { "jen-oh-VAYZ" }. 

        You may truly choose the over used word "unique" to describe him. He is the complete package with his singular guitar style, vocals and multi-genre' arrangements of original material. He is that rare exception, the "Real Deal", a bona fide songwriter and all of the above.

        His sense of perspective has been honed by four decades of song writing, performing nationwide and recording. His 20 years of service in the US Army & Iowa Army National Guard and two cultural exchange programs in Indochina and the Persian Gulf has had a direct impact on his mission statement to build a musical bridge of awareness, compassion and healing to our nation and its military families.

        Whether is an intimate cafe, or a large concert venue, this is music that has truly been there, done that and then some. Here is compelling material with a timeless approach to the craft.

          When you listen to his live performance, you are instantly drawn into the narrative and his distinctive abilities on 12 and 6 string acoustic guitars. His music melds generations and genres within a single song and defies easy categorization. From the evocative and haunting 12 string instrumental "Elegy For The Fallen" written for our Gold Star Families, to the funk of "Useful Blues", to the stark reality of a Post 9/11 America with "Endangered" to the jazzy joy of "Silence From Deep Center", you begin to realize that here is a man that has more than earned the right to cover all the musical bases, regardless of style and substance.

          Jerry Raddatz, a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers wrote in 2006: "I know when I scout players, we look for ability and a desire of the individual to perform with real inspiration in all facets of the game...Lem played from the heart and in baseball terminology, it was truly 'MAJOR LEAGUE MATERIAL". Yankee Medic Records defines the three great passions of his life.

          He is a retired Army combat field medic of 17 years, a lifelong musician and third generation NY Yankees fan. He has performed in major league cities from New York to Los Angeles and has appeared in newspapers such as the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News and the San Francisco Examiner. He has shared the stage with the likes of Blues guitarist Luther Allison, 1960's folk-rock" icon Country Joe McDonald, the 'non-brothers Brown': folky Greg and reggae Tony, folk diva Dar Williams and recently with Native American Grammy recipient - Bill Miller. He received his Bachelor's Degree in General Studies from the University of Iowa in Iowa City in 1987.

        His CD library includes "SIX LAZZERI LANE" 2009 and "RIGHTEOUS RECONNAISSANCE: 1978 > 1987" , which was released in 2012, contains over an hour's worth of demo recordings as he sang and played simultaneously as the tape rolled without any studio wizardry to sweeten his "live" sound. 

           One of his recent projects is the memoir/narrative - "The TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour { with a few zones thrown in } which covers his military and music careers and the legacy they hold for our nation. The book is a travel log of discovery that seeks compassion, healing and understanding through both his military service and music. Its been written that you either witness history, share it, make it or choose to ignore its lessons.

           The 525 book spans his Army/Guard career that has taken him from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Kuwait as a combat medic in Operation Desert Storm and a humanitarian mission to hurricane ravaged Choluteca Province in Honduras. Topics like dioxin, PTSD, TBI, homelessness, suicides, improving the Pentagon and other pertinent issues that are of interest to military families are all represented by the research and thoughtful analysis Lem has done for the book. It has recommended websites and books at the end of several chapters to enhance readers in their ability to access more salient information that may pique their interest.

        First Aviation Publishing has within its mission statement that its authors adhere to the principal that they will present as much genuine factual data as possible with a minimum of proselytizing, pontificating and propaganda. The TUNESMITH CHRONICLES:  allows the reader to analyze both ends of the political spectrum's controversy on such issues as the Indochina War, the myths that surround it, atrocities like My Lai, the Vietnam veterans movement among others and arrive at their own conclusions. Warrior Publishing of Los Angeles, owned by Vietnam veteran Dale Dye and his wife Julia will publish the expanded 2nd edition of the Chronicles after it has updated and edited. 

     His years of research and editing will produce an expanded separate book from his original section in CHRONICLES: on reforming the Defense Department, its contractors and pork barrel politics - PLUNDERING THE PENTAGON: Piracy Along The Potomac.    

     His musical career section delves into his philosophy towards the craftsmanship of songwriting, some of the significant events that he performed at over his four decade career and stories behind some of his most compelling material. You are now able to order an E-book version for under $7.00 on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

    In 2016, the New York City based advertising firm Xenopsi, placed an ad in the Military Times website looking for veterans who have contributed to their community, state or the nation after their stints in the military. Evan Williams Bourbon, established in 1792, based in Louisville, Kentucky wanted to salute these outstanding veterans with a limited edition red, white and blue with their likeness on one side to the label. Of the over 2,000 applicants, Lem Genovese was selected as on of the 10 finalists for his contributions over several decades with his music and advocacy towards military families and veterans.

     The work of Lem Genovese is nothing short of LIVING HISTORY. Vinh Long Delta Productions is proud to represent a renaissance man of this caliber. Both Yankee Medic Records and First Aviation Publishing are part of his enduring legacy.



In 2016, Evan Williams Bourbon, which has been in business since 1792, had the New York City based ad agency Xenopsi put an ad in Military.Com's website for applicants on its "American-Made Heroes" program. Their limited edition red, white & blue bottles featured 10 selected finalists whose service to their community, state and nation after their military service. Their likeness was place on the side labels of a limited edition run of red/white and blue patriotic bottles. From over 2,000 entrants, Lem Genovese was selected. He is the only Vietnam and Desert Storm to be so recognized.