Greetings from the Coulee Region of SW Wisconsin ! Welcome to the website of Yankee Medic Records and nationally acclaimed veteran tunesmith Lem Genovese. We hope to share with you a musical journey that began in Des Moines, Iowa with Lem forming acoustic bands at Grand View College in the fall 1968, learning the basics of the Mekong Delta Blues in Vietnam in 1971, forming an acoustic trio at the University of Iowa from 1972-75 and as a solo performing songwriter the past three decades nationwide since then. Lem is a retired US Army/Iowa guard veteran of both Vietnam and Desert Storm where he served as a combat medic with the 209th Med Clearing Company attached to the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division. The 209th completed more missions, treated more Iraqi EPW's and traveled further than any other unit of its kind during the 1st Gulf War. His record as an advocate for Vietnam veterans is unmatched. He has been recognized by VN Veterans Memorial founder Jan Scruggs: " The music of Lem Genovese is the most inspiring and thoughtful from the VN Era." NY TImes bestselling author Al Santoli added: "Lem Genovese sings with the voice of experience. He puts into his music the SOUL of Vietnam veterans." With all that military background, "civilians" will still enjoy his tunes. Its part of our mission statement - to be a musical bridge that promotes compassion, healing and understanding. Here is music that spans genres, including instrumental 12 & 6 string acoustic guitar compositions that evoke strong reactions from his audiences that span generations and demographics. We encourage you to sign our guestbook, ask questions, request information, make suggestions, download MP3 files and share the music and message of a songwriter whose legacy is truly living history. Rare indeed are songs that are more relevant today than ever for military families. For that, Yankee Medic Records is proud to represent a tunesmith of this caliber.