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Lem Genovese: News

April 24th Zablocki VA Med Center - May 29, 2009

From Sandi McCormick - RMT
May 20th, 2009

Dear Lem:

Thank you for sharing your time and talent with our Adult Day Health Care Veterans, Staff and volunteers. Your music brightened up everyone's day. Your enthusiasm is contagious. We are all so glad to "catch it" !
The amount of effort that goes into writing, arranging, rehearsing, making the time to commute out here from LaCrosse, transport all of your equipment and find parking is all so very much appreciated. We realize that the joy you bring while you perform is backed by a lot of time, miles, dedication and love !
For all you do, we are grateful !
Thank you for sending the pictures ! We put them on our bulletin board immediately ! They serve as a wonderful reminder of our afternoon with you.
Music filled our rooms the whole rest of the day ! No one, neither veterans nor staff could stop themselves from humming, singing and/or tapping there toes ! We thank you again and look forward to your next visit with us !

"Six Lazzeri Lane" CD Release - August 24, 2008

Lem Genovese's SECOND CD - "Six Lazzeri Lane" has been released on Yankee Medic Records. It is an AUDIOPHILE single speed glass mastered quality compact disc sure to delight his ever growing fanbase.
Percussionist Scott Sheridan and ace recording engineer, producer and mastering honcho Michael von Muchow also found the time to lay down some tasteful bass grooves on this one.
While Lem's first CD endeavor - "The LAST Audition" was more of a performing songwriter solo effort, the crew here @ Yankee Medic Records finally convinced Lem's 2nd cousin - Vicenzo Vittorio ( aka "Vinny One-Take" ) Palermo to add
some lethal blues harmonica tracks to three of the songs. One need only listen to the title track to understand that this is an exceptional blend of roots, Mekong Delta Blues, swamp rock & Americana blended into an exceptional package. Please click on the LINKS section to sample the tunes or make a purchase online.
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