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Lem Genovese: Music

That Yankees Tune - Bronx Bombers Salute

(Lem Genovese)
For years I have been going to Yankees games in places like Chicago, Kansas City and Minneapolis -- the locals always ask if I'm actually FROM New York. For years I've wanted to write a song to explain to them that being a fan of the NY Yanks is a UNIVERSAL thing. It finally explains that I have seen Yankees ball caps and T-Shirts all over the globe and that you don't have to be from NYC to be a Yankees fan !

Well, you don't have to be from Brooklyn, Staten Island or Queens -
or hailing from Manhattan if you know what I mean.

Its still there in the South Bronx
that "Ballyard built by Ruth",
and to this day our Heroes
still wear those Pinstripe suits.
They wear those Pinstriped suits.

Its a family legacy passed on from glove to hand --
Its a level of loyalty you might not
There's a global recognition
like its part of the plan -
You don't have to be from New York to be a Yankee Fan !
You don't have to be from Jersey
to be a Yankee Fan !

Its not about the pennants
or even all those Rings --
Its the History behind it
threads an unbroken string.
Its not about the money
or even the Hall of Fame
Its all about tradition -
and a Respect for the Game

You can spot our ball caps from
Kuwait to Japan.
You can try to spy a T-shirt from
Formosa or Afghan -
There's plenty of other home
teams cheering from their stands.
But you don't have to be from NYC
to be a Yankee Fan !
You don't have to stay in the USA
to be a Yankee Fan !

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