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Lem Genovese: Music

Endangered - Post 9/11 Prayer for the Troops

(Lem Genovese)
After September 11th, 2001 - I KNEW that our armed forces would be involved in both Afghanistan and Iraq. After seeing two films - "Black Hawk Down" and "We Were Soldiers Once", this song practically wrote itself. It was completed BEFORE our troops were first sent into those two nations. The ongoing campaigns in those countries has reaffirmed my original vision, that our military will be involved in a long and arduous set of combat zones that will not be solved quickly or easily.
Saint Rita is one of the patron saints of the impossible. PSALM 91
is the soldier's prayer of protection in battle. Saint Michael is the ONLY
archangel mentioned in the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran. He has been the patron saint of soldiers, airborne troops and police for generations.
This song is a conversation between a middle aged Vietnam veteran and the "rookie" troops he hoped to impart some survivor wisdom upon the night before their
first combat mission.

Never said this was easy - things that last seldom are...

Some may cost you those dogtags
Some may leave with a scar
Now, some wounds grow hidden
Others are plainly in sight -
Hope the Faith that we carry
gets us all through this night.

Like the "Lady of the Harbor"...
We watched those 2 towers fall.
Rising out of the ashes -
our Heroes stand tall.
They're a safeguard for the children,
while the rest of you sleep.
Waking up in convenience
Another reason to weep.

Journey and destination
Epiphany and revelation
The once endangered eagle
Taking flight once again
Taken flight once again.

How do we face all this darkness ?
How do we make the right choice ?
It doesn't leave many answers -
'Til we speak with one voice.
Don't know where we're headed
But, I know where we've been.
Hard enough to finish -
Harder still to begin.

Here's a prayer to ST. RITA
and the 91st Psalm
The Code of ST. Michael,
for this soldier's song.
There's a prayer to ST. RITA
and the 91st Psalm.
The Code of ST. Michael
on this soldier's song.

Journey and destination
Epiphany and Revelation
The once endangered eagle,
taking flight once again -
taken flight once again.

Never said this was easy -
Never said life was fair -
Never said this was easy -
On all these missions we'll share.

Never said this was easy
Never said life was fair
Never said this was easy
On all these medals we wear.

Copyright 2002/2008
Yankee Medic Music BMI
Used by permission