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Been Too Long - Late Summer 207

Posted on August 27, 2017 with 0 comments
    John Lennon once observed that "Life is what happens while your busy making other plans".  Between working on keeping our homestead up to my standards of cleanliness, tending to our two Maltese princess type dogs and my wife of 25 years, I have been remiss in keeping this website updated as to my literary and musical progress and for that I apologize to what seems to be a growing legion of website visitors who have commented how much they appreciate the work I have put into this site.
     The second edition of my history text/memoir The Tunesmith Chronicles: has been stalled by the research on the Pentagon chapter for at least a year. Finding a middle ground on tough subject matter has been difficult to me. My standards of journalistic perspective demand as much impartiality as I can muster given the subject matter. My wry sense of humor should keep you readers out there from being bogged down in the minutia. For those who are concerned about how [...]
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     Actual Sound Studios in LaCrosse, WI will be enduring another group of recording sessions for Lem's songs "BODY COUNT" which was written in November of 2010 and deals with the epidemic of military and veteran suicides that our IRQ & AFGN veterans are dealing with on a daily basis. Lem has been urged for the past three years to get it recorded and made available as a free MP3 download on his website to "Get the WORD out" about this national crisis. An obscure 1974 bossa nova ballad - "Acoustic Guitar" may also be recorded during the March recording sessions.


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